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Accidents and road safety

This data includes only Personal Injury Road Traffic Accidents within Hertfordshire, reported to the Police and their associated casualties and vehicles. All information is derived from Stats 19 reports, prepared by Hertfordshire Constabulary and the Metropolitan Police.

Accidents on ‘Private Property’ as defined by Stats 20 - ‘Instructions for the Completion of Road Accident Reports’ (DfT, Oct 2004) and ‘Natural Causes / Sudden Death Accidents’ are not included in this report.

Accident data by parish can district can ne accessed under 'In this area.' In addition there is further information availalble via the signposts below. This includes an a-z of safety camera locations with data relating to that specific site. The transport and accident data section contains information on the following:

• Traffic and Accident Data Requests
• Hertfordshire's Traffic & Transport Data Report
• Hertfordshire's Traffic & Casualty Factsheets
• Hertfordshire's County Travel Survey
• Travelwise