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our performance

We need to understand our performance to deliver services that are needed, efficiently and effectively.

Where we could do better, we want to improve, and then know if we're getting it right.

There are many strands to Performance, for example:

  • Empowerment and Engagement - knowing what service users and residents really want and need, delivering services as a result and then knowing what they think of them
  • Equalities and Diversity - we aim to tackle inequality and promote diversity in everything we do, so we need to know if we are achieving this
  • Working with partners to meet our joint priorities
  • Managing the performance of the organisation, using both indicators set by central government and those we have developed locally
  • Identifying areas of weaker performance that need to be addressed, scrutinising areas of concern and putting improvement actions in place

  • This section provides more details on how we go about this as well as providing performance data and results.