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Hertfordshire’s Corporate Plan 2013-2017

Herts county of Opportunity

Your local county council has reviewed its priorities aimed at ensuring that Hertfordshire remains a county where people have the opportunity to live healthy, fulfilling lives in thriving, prosperous communities.

The corporate plan sets out our key priorities for the county and how we intend to deliver our vision for Hertfordshire, County of Opportunity; where residents have the opportunity to:


We want every Hertfordshire resident to have the opportunity to maximise their potential and live full lives as confident citizens.


We want Hertfordshire’s economy to be strong, with resilient and successful businesses that offer employment opportunities to residents, helping them to maintain a high standard of living.

Be healthy and safe

We want Hertfordshire residents to have the opportunity to live as healthy lives as possible and to live safely in their communities.

Take part

We want to enable all Hertfordshire residents to make a more active contribution to their local areas, working with elected representatives and other community activists to tackle local issues and ensure that council services are more responsive to their priorities and ambitions.

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To find out how we are performing use the 'Performance' link on this page.