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School Travel

In Walk to School Week discover a variety of ways to get to school and take the stress out of the school run by using our on-line schools journey planner. The planner shows walking or cycling routes plus displays approximate journey times, calories burnt and carbon emissions. Compare this to your normal car trip and you maybe pleasantly surprised that walking or cycling can be just a quick. The planner also includes bus and rail travel so if you have a son or daughter moving on to secondary school or college in September, take a look at the journey planner and plan ahead for that all important first day.

Walk to School Week

Hertfordshire pupils are taking up Buster's Walking Challenge during Walk To School Week - 13th to 17th October 2014

Results for Hertfordshire's School Travel Awards 2014

These Awards celebrate schools’ good practice promoting active and sustainable travel and road safety.

Find the best routes to school

Try out our easy-to-use online ' AWARD WINNING ' school journey planner to find the best ways to get to school.

Scooting Safely to School

New help for schools and parents to ensure children are safe when scooting to school.

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