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Highways Permit Scheme

As a Highway Authority, all Councils have a duty to manage and control the increasing demand on their road network from the travelling public and businesses, who need roads for journeys as well as the services

As a way of managing this demand a number of authorities have introduced a Permit Scheme within their area to improve the coordination of works across their road network. Hertfordshire County Council, Luton Borough Council, Bedford Borough Council, and Southend-on-Sea Borough Council have developed and applied to operate an East of England Permit Scheme, which is a functionally identical scheme, to be applied on all the roads within their control. The Secretary of State for Transport approved the application and issued the Order on 3 October 2012 permitting the Authorities to commence the Scheme on 5 November 2012.

All information regarding the scheme and its operation, can be found at

This website is operated on behalf of all the Authorities within the East of England Scheme. The website also includes the option to raise enquiries regarding the scheme.

Click here to access the website.

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