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Hertfordshire Names Online

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Original documents can be viewed for free at Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies.

Recent additions

November 2015

Pauper lunacy returns

4,844 pauper lunatic records have been added to The Poor index. These are taken from the annual returns made to the Clerk of the Peace by parish overseers/Board of Guardians. They list the people, and where they were being maintained,  (e.g. at home, Hoxton,) their “state” (e.g. imbecile, idiot, lunatic) and for how long they have been in that state. Also often given is the cost of maintenance, whether or not they were “dangerous”,  and dates of death and other notes. Dates covered are 1815 to 1871, but the returns do not cover all parishes for all dates.

October 2015

The Licensees index in Miscellaneous Names is now complete. Over 27,000 names have been taken from the surviving Registers of Licenses from the various Petty Sessional divisions in Hertfordshire and cover the years 1854 – 1975. Licenses are mostly for the sale of alcohol. The index shows the name of the premises where given – usually the name of a pub or hotel.

Where a licensee appears more than once at the same premises in a register, only the first date and last date is shown in the index. If you order a copy, you will receive a copy of the pages for these dates only. The register usually shows the owner of the premises; this is not listed in the index.