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Sensory services

How we can help you

The Sensory Services team, which includes rehabilitation workers and social workers, can provide information packs, advice and access to services as well as support from a network of national and local agencies.

Who we can support

Our team provides services to all adults and children in Hertfordshire who are:

Carer's assessments

If you care for someone with a sensory need, we can carry out an assessment of your needs as a carer to help you to continue to support them.

Information about carers services.
Find out how to request support from us.

Independent advice and help with services 
If you are considering arranging your own services, equipment, or adaptations to your home you could use a broker to help you. Brokers provide independent advice and can organise services that suit your needs. 

Contacting us

You can contact us either by:

Registering as disabled or sight impaired

You don't have to register as disabled or sight impaired in order to qualify for services from us. However, there are benefits to you and the county council if you do.

Registering as sight impaired

Registering as blind or severely sight impaired gives entitlement to a Blue Badge, and possibly some other benefits.

Find out how to register as sight impaired.

Registering as disabled

If you have a sensory disability such as hearing loss or a degree of sight loss you can register as disabled.

Find out how to register as disabled.
Register as disabled using the online form.


A service for deaf, hard of hearing and speech impaired people in the UK.