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Planning in Hertfordshire

The Plan-led System

Planning involves making decisions about the future of our surroundings and the services provided.  It affects everyone in the county, from those who live in towns to those in the countryside.  It is a difficult balancing act between the need to develop and progress the county in which we live and ensuring that this happens in a sustainable way to minimise negative impacts and protect important environmental assets.

The planning system in England requires each local planning authority to prepare documents outlining how planning will be managed for that area.  These documents are then used to guide future development, putting in place an overall strategy, policies and development briefs in what is know as the plan-led system. In the case of the county council these planning documents relate to minerals and waste.  

Hertfordshire Development Plan

The Development Plan for the county is, at present, made up of:
• Saved District Local Plans;
• Waste Core Strategy and Development Management Policies Document
  (adopted November 2012); 
•  Minerals Local Plan (adopted 2007) and
• Waste Site Allocations Document (adopted July 2014).

National planning guidance relating to these documents is set out in the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and Planning Policy Statement 10: Planning for Sustainable Waste Management (PPS10).

Minerals and Waste Development Framework

The suite of documents prepared by the county council for minerals and waste planning is known as the Hertfordshire Minerals and Waste Development Framework. The Framework includes:

• Development Plan Documents (DPDs) - these include the core strategy and other key     documents, such as site allocations for minerals and waste development;

• Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs) - these expand on policies set out in the development plan documents or provide additional detail;

• A Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) - this sets out our policy and strategy for involving the community in the preparation and revision of the Minerals and Waste Development Framework and planning applications;

• The Minerals and Waste Development Scheme (MWDS) - this is a public statement setting out our programme for producing the Minerals and Waste Development Framework documents;

• The Authority's Monitoring Report (AMR).

Planning Applications (Development Management Team)

The county council is also responsible for determining planning applications involving mineral workings, waste management activities and the council's own services (e.g. schools). In determining such planning applications, the county council must have regards to the Development Plan Documents, including the strategies and policies set out in the documents. 

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