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Find your nearest school

This facility is provided to help you identify your child's "nearest" school in accordance with Hertfordshire County Council's admission arrangements.


All distances provided are straight line measurements between the home address point and the school and therefore CAN NOT be used as an indication of a child's nearest school for transport entitlement. To determine your nearest school for transport entitlement visit the locate schools in your area service.

Important Notes

Please note that the distances given are accurate at the current time. However, this system uses address points from the National Land and Property Gazetteer which may be updated at any time. Therefore it is possible that your home-school distance measurement(s) could change prior to allocation day.

This system is primarily designed for Hertfordshire residents and is dependent upon detailed mapping and school data owned by Hertfordshire County Council.

Data returned for addresses outside Hertfordshire could be less accurate than that returned for addresses inside Hertfordshire. Accuracy is likely to decrease as distance from Hertfordshire increases.

***** Technical Issues *****

Parents should be aware that on the dates below this service was experiencing technical problems which resulted in incomplete search results for users. If you used the service during these periods you are advised to check again to ensure you have accurate detail of your nearest schools.  We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

13th - 16th December 2013

1st - 3rd February 2014