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Information from 2012-2013

This section contains information regarding the 2012-2013 allocation rounds for all transfer processes. The links provided will direct you to the appropriate area you wish to view.
Below is a summary and brief description of the information available, which can be found under each link on the left:

Detailed admissions advice to parents regarding the 2012-2013 process

Definitive list of all schools that parents can apply for in Hertfordshire (for 2012-2013 process)

Outturn reports
This report summarises the allocations made for pupils applying to Hertfordshire schools.
The data includes on-time and late applications from Hertfordshire and out county (2012-2013 process)

Allocation Summary reports
This report shows how the school's rules were applied, and how many allocations were made under each rule. Please note, these reports only contain information on school's which use Hertfordshire County Councils rules (2012-2013 process)