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How much ESA will I get?

This will depend on whether you are claiming the contributory or income-related ESA or a combination of the two.

Contributory ESA

For the first 13 weeks you will receive the basic weekly allowance:

  • single person aged under 25             £56.80
  • single person aged 25 or over           £71.70

After 13 weeks, everyone is paid the basic weekly rate for a person aged 25 or over plus an additional component, depending on which group you have been placed in:

  • work-related activity component  £28.45 or
  • support component     £34.80

Income-related ESA

If you are claiming income-related ESA you will be subject to a means test which looks at your income and your savings in the same way as income support. Your income is then topped up to a basic level of benefit.   If you have savings of more than £16,000, you cannot get income-related ESA.  If you have between £6,000 and £16,000 in savings, the amount of income-related ESA you get will be reduced by £1 a week for every £250 (or part of £250) you have over £6,000.

If you are part of a couple (including same sex couples) your partner’s savings and income are also taken into account. If your partner works 24 hours or more, you cannot claim income-related ESA.

Income-related ESA is paid at different rates depending upon your personal circumstances and is made up of different components:

A basic allowance - paid for the first 13 weeks:

  • single person aged under 25    £56.80
  • single person aged 25 or over  £71.70
  • couple where both are 18 or over   £112.55

After 13 weeks you will receive an additional component of either the:

  • work-related activity component   £28.45 or
  • support component       £34.80

If you are claiming income-related ESA you may also qualify for additional weekly money in the form of the following premiums:

  • carer premium - paid if you are a carer who receives, or has an underlying entitlement to, carer’s allowance - £33.30
  • enhanced disability premium - paid if you or your partner receive the higher rate of the care component of disability living allowance (DLA), the enhanced rate of the daily living component of the personal independence payment (PIP) or the higher rate of attendance allowance (AA).  You will also get the enhanced disability premium if you have been placed in the support group - £15.15  for a single claimant, £21.75 for a couple
  • severe disability premium - paid if you get DLA care component at the middle or higher rate, or the daily living component of PIP, or attendance allowance/constant attendance allowance, and no one gets carer’s allowance for looking after you, and you are treated as living alone -  £59.50 single claimant or £119.00 for a couple where both members of the couple meet the qualifying conditions or one is getting a qualifying benefit and the other is registered blind.

Housing costs 

In some circumstance you may be able to claim help towards your mortgage interest payments and some other housing costs as part of your income-related ESA. There is a qualifying period of 13 weeks for most new claimants. For more information on extra money for housing costs click here.