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Information for Businesses

If you are in business and the goods or service you provide are eventually sold to the public, it is likely that we can help you with advice on trading standards law that applies to you.

Follow our links to get the information you need, if you can't see the information you require, select 'contact us' to find out how you can reach your local trading standards department.

Trading Fairly

Consumers have the right to expect goods or services they buy are accurately described and fairly priced, with honest credit or hire terms offered. Businesses have the right to trade on equal terms.

Part of our work is to ensure that consumers are treated fairly by traders supplying those goods or services. This involves :

  • Investigating fair trading complaints.
  • Examining prices and descriptions.
  • Monitoring advertisements, catalogues and brochures.
  • Checking credit and hire agreements.
  • Prosecuting companies who disregard the law.

The best way of ensuring standards of honesty and fair competition are met is working with you, the business community. We are here to help and advise, not just to protect consumers by making sure you toe the legal line.

What will it cost me?

By not trading fairly you risk :

  • Prosecution.
  • Loss of business.
  • Claims for consumer redress.

The cost of breaking the law could be financially disastrous so it is in your interests to maintain a fair and honest market place that benefits both the general public and the business community.

What laws apply to my business?

The other headings in this list should help you understand the basic requirements, but if you still have unanswered questions then you may wish to try some of the suggested links or you can contact the department by selecting 'contact us'

Our highly trained staff can offer :

  • Up to date advice, specifically for your business.
  • Leaflets explaining the law in detail.