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Harpenden Town Council

Contact Mr John Bagshaw, Town Clerk

Town Hall
Leyton Road

Phone(s): 01582 768278
Fax: 01582 760026

Web pages:

The Mayor of Harpenden for 2012 / 2013 is Councillor Nicola Linacre.

Harpenden Town Council was created in 1974 following the re-organisation of local government and the disbanding of Harpenden Urban District Council. Harpenden is the largest parish in the St Albans District with a population of approximately 30,000 represented by 16 Councillors in four wards. Harpenden Town Council operates from Harpenden Town Hall in Leyton Road, which it owns.

The Town Hall houses a comprehensive Information Point providing details of events, accommodation and the surrounding area. All aspects of Local Government information are available. The Town Council operates a St Albans District Council Information Point as agents for the District Council. It holds information on HCC Adult Care Services following the closure of a Social Services Office in Harpenden. The Information Point is open 10.00am-4.00pm Monday to Fridays.

Park Hall is a Community building and is available for hire for a wide range for functions such as meetings, dinner/dances, wedding receptions, parties and sales or exhibitions. Please contact or visit the website (link given above) for further details and booking information.

The Town Council provides allotments at 15 sites throughout Harpenden. If you would like information about leasing an allotment please contact the Town Clerk.

Harpenden Town Councillors listed by ward:

Harpenden East

  • Ellis, Michael (Conservative Councillor)
  • Farmer, Rosemary (Conservative Councillor) - Mayor
  • Maynard, Mary (Conservative Councillor)
  • Vincent, Caroline (Conservative Councillor)

Harpenden North

  • Chambers, John (Conservative Councillor)
  • Newns, James (Conservative Councillor)
  • Pawle, Bert (Conservative Councillor)
  • Weaver, Michael (Conservative Councillor)

Harpenden South

  • Ellis, Brian(Conservative Councillor)
  • Frosh, Rachel (Conservative Councillor)
  • Kent, Pat (Conservative Councillor)
  • Thomas, Guy (Conservative Councillor)

Harpenden West

  • Chichester-Miles, Daniel (Conservative Councillor)
  • Leadbeater, Simon(Conservative Councillor)
  • Linacre, Nicola (Conservative Councillor)
  • Williams, David (Conservative Councillor)


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