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Guidance and feedback

Hertfordshire County Council is committed to openly publishing its data to demonstrate transparency in operations and to allow access to that information free of charge (subject to copyright and licence permission).

Publishing this data is just the beginning. We want to encourage use of this data in a meaningful way to challenge and scrutinise what we do as well as providing the opportunity for the wider public to create applications and products that other people can use.

If you have created an application or website using Hertfordshire’s data then please let us know about it by contacting or 0300 123 4040

Content will be added to and updated in the coming months so please bear with us if what you are looking for is not yet available. If you would like to suggest that we publish a particular set of data you can request it by submitting a dataset request

Use of the open data published on this website is (unless otherwise stated) governed by the Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike license ( At present Hertfordshire Open Data offer static data extracts only.