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Stevenage Borough Council

Daneshill House

01438 242242 (Main Switchboard - general enquiries)
01438 242666 (Council housing)
01438 242666 (Tenancy Related Anti Social Behaviour)
01438 242440 (Benefits - housing and council tax)
01438 242875 (Council Tax / Business Rates)
01438 314963 (Emergency Out of Hours)
01438 242908 (Environmental Health)
01438 242242 (Housing Advice/Homelessness)
01438 242248 (Leisure council run activities)
01438 242323 (Parks and Amenities)
01438 242838 (Planning/Development Control)
01438 242871 (Regeneration)
01438 242264 (Building Control)
01438 242323 (Rubbish, Waste and Recycling)
0800 136661 (Cleansing)
01438 242555 (Textphone)
Fax: 01438 242699

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The Mayor of Stevenage for 2015/2016 is Councillor Howard Burrell.

The Customer Service Centre can help with enquiries. The Centre is open as follows:

* Telephone Calls - Monday to Friday 8.00am to 6.00pm
* Walk in enquiries - Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5.30pm
The walk-in centre closes at 1pm on the fourth Thursday of every month

Main Council services:

Business: Business rates; Business support and advice; Commercial waste and recycling; Health and safety; Local land charges; Land and property; Licences and Street Trading; Pollution control.

Council and Democracy: Benefits; Council tax and Finance; Contacting your councillor; Customer service and complaints; Elections and voting; Meetings agendas and minutes; Plans; Policies and Performance; Pubilicty and press releases; Tenders and Contracts; Working for the council.

Environmental Services: Rubbish and recycling collections, street cleaning, litter bins, dog bins, fly tipping and fly posting and public toilets.

Environmental Health: Animal control and welfare, noise complaints, pest control, food safety, licensing and energy efficiency advice.

Health and Social Care: Community transport; Food safety; Careline alarm; Infectious diseases; Services for older people.

Housing: Council housing; Garages; Housing advice and homelessness; Housing associations; Housing policies and strategies; Private sector housing; Sheltered housing.

Leisure and Culture: Arts and entertainment; Children's play services; Museum; Sports centres; Sports clubs. Non council activities are run by Stevenage Leisure Ltd.

Parks and Amenities Parks, woodland, open spaces, allotments, flower and shrub beds, trees, grass and hedge cutting.

Planning and Regeneration: Building control; Local plan; Planning permission and advice; Planning policy.

Town and Community: About the town; Community advice and grants; Deaths; Funerals and cremations (Almond Lane Cemetery and Weston Road Cemetery); Emergency planning; Community centres; Community safety; Events in and around Stevenage.

Transport, Roads and Footpaths: Parking; Passenger transport; Public rights of way; Roads and footpaths maintenance.


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