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hertfordshire county council working for you

The County Council is the only council with responsibility for services across the whole of the county. It works with central government and other organisations to deliver a range of local services to more than a million people who live, work and travel in the county. Services such as local schools, libraries, support for elderly and vulnerable people and the roads and pavements are all provided by the county council.

The council is run by elected politicians. Like the Members of Parliament at Westminster, local councillors are voted in by residents to act on their behalf. Subject to legislation enacted by Parliament, local councillors take the decisions on where money will be spent, what council taxes will be charged and how local services will be developed.

What services does Hertfordshire County Council provide?

Children's Services

Children, Schools and Families staff liaise closely with colleagues in schools, health, district councils, the police, voluntary organisations and other partner agencies to achieve positive outcomes for Hertfordshire's children and young people.

Community Protection

Community Protection comprises Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue Service, Hertfordshire Trading Standards, Emergency Planning and Resilience, working together to ensure a co-ordinated approach to keeping all who live and work in Hertfordshire safe and protected.

Health and Community Services

Health and Community Services is responsible for the Council's older people, physical disability, learning disability and mental health services. It ensures a comprehensive approach to commissioning services to improve health and wellbeing. The department is also responsible for customer and library services.

Environment and Commercial Services

Environment and Commercial Services provides advice and support on the County Council's contracts, to ensure that our residents can expect a good standard from their public services. Seeking to make Hertfordshire a better place in which to live, work and travel around, Environment and Commercial Services looks after roads and public rights of way, promotes public transport, conserves and enhances the countryside and plans for transport, major new housing and mineral extraction.

Resources and Performance

Resources and Performance is responsible for the delivery of key business functions, including Finance, Internal Audit, Property and Technology services, Health and Safety, Risk Management, Legal Services and Statutory Services. The department leads on the County Council's Major Programmes, Equality and Diversity, Performance and Improvement and Scrutiny work.

What about other councils and organisations in Hertfordshire?

There are three tiers of local government in Hertfordshire, the county council, district and borough councils and finally town and parish councils. The county council works closely with these councils and other organisations such the National Health Service, the Police, the business community and voluntary organisations. All these organisations have a part to play in making Hertfordshire a good place to be. Only by working together can they tackle the bigger challenges that face Hertfordshire.

For further details, see the link to Public services in Hertfordshire on this page