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Table KS06 - Ethnic group

Key Statistics for local authorities, wards, parishes, County Council electoral divisions and settlements - 2001 census

Table KS06 provides data on ethnic group for all people.

Results are shown below for ethnic group broken down into White British, White Irish and Other White; Mixed White and Black Caribbean, Mixed White and Black African, Mixed White and Asian and Other Mixed; Asian Indian, Asian Pakistani, Asian Bangladeshi and Other Asian; Black Caribbean, Black African and Other Black; Chinese and Other Ethnic Group.

Results are shown as numbers and percentages for local authorities, wards, parishes parishes, electoral divisions and settlements (as defined by HCC) in Hertfordshire. Data for wards is arranged by local authority and sorted by the ward code. The ward level data in these tables is based on ward geography as at 2000 and should not be used in conjunction with other ward definitions. Data for parishes and electoral divisions is arranged by local authority and sorted alphabetically by parish/division name. Data for electoral divisions has been derived from Key Statistics results for wards and output areas. Data for settlements has been derived by HCC from Key Statistics results for output areas by apportionment of Ordnance Survey Addresspoints identified as households.

There is a likelihood of inconsistency with other census statistics due to the rounding of small counts within tables. Any discrepancy is likely to be small, and well within the confidence intervals attached to the census estimates. However, because of discrepancies, the precise source of the data should always be quoted.

The HertsLIS website has data from the 2011 Census on Ethnic group.