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Population and household counts for Hertfordshire settlements - 2001 census

Hertfordshire County Council has produced settlement definitions for 401 settlements (towns, villages and hamlets) in Hertfordshire. Total resident population and household count data for the 2001 census have been produced for these settlements by apportionment of data from the Key Statistics for Output Areas using counts of Ordnance Survey Addresspoints identified as household addresses. The results are available in the spreadsheet below. Please remember that the total resident population includes residents in communal establishments and therefore the average household size cannot be calculated using these results.

A set of Key Statistics Tables are being produced for 228 settlements that meet the criteria of a minimum of 100 residents and 40 households. Summaries of some of the main statistics from these tables have been published as demographic profiles. Both the Key Statistics Tables and the Demographic Profiles are available via the links below.