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2001 Census results on

A vast amount of results have been produced from the 2001 census and for that reason it is impractical to publish more than a small proportion of results on

The results that we have published are those that we think will be the most useful and those that we anticipate will be the most sought after. Most of the results that have been published are for geographic areas in Hertfordshire, although some comparative results have been included in Key Statistics and Univariate Tables for England and Wales, England and the East of England region. Comparative results for total populations and age structure (from Table KS02) are available below for counties in the East of England and South East regions.

Tables have been published in their respective tablesets, which can be found under the heading 'In this area' on this page. if you are unfamiliar with the content of these tablesets please select the link called "Find census results by topic" under the heading 'In this area' on this page to help you find appropriate results.

Please note that tables from the 2011 Census are now available on HertsLIS.