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The Environment Department provides the critical services that enable people to go about their daily business. 

Traffic in the county is nearly 50% higher than the national average, and we strive to make sure that those undertaking any one of the county’s 4.5 million daily journeys can be reasonably confident of an uneventful trip, whatever the time of day or night, and whatever the weather.  The advice and support our department provides on the county council’s £750 million worth of contracts helps to ensure that our residents can expect a good standard from their public services.  Our planning department provides a strategic input into plans for development in the county and deal with some difficult planning applications for waste and minerals. 

Every weekday, we take approximately 25,000 of the county’s children to school and, at lunchtime, feed up to 55,000 of them.  The county’s one million residents can say goodbye to their household waste at the kerbside, confident that we will deal responsibly and efficiently with the 600,000 tonnes per year that the county produces.  A walk in the country on any one of our 5,200 public rights of way is an easily accessible pleasure for most of our residents.  The work of our department is fundamental to meeting the county council’s ambitious carbon reduction targets.

In such a diverse place, our job is anything but routine: the work of our department makes sure that there are plans in place to help us support our residents and maintain our services in times of emergency. 

All the careful work we do behind the scenes – maintaining, measuring, monitoring, checking, planning – is vital to the wellbeing of Hertfordshire’s residents and businesses.  Our work touches on the lives of just about everyone who lives, works or travels in the county.