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County Council elections

The County Council is the only council with responsibility for services across the whole of the county. It works with central government and other local organisations to help improve and deliver a range of local services to more than a million people, who live, work and travel in the county. Services such as local schools, libraries, support for elderly and vulnerable people, and the roads and pavements are all provided by the County Council.

There are 77 county councillors who are elected every four years. Each county councillor represents a different area of Hertfordshire and it is their job to represent the interests of local residents.

This section provides you with the details of the County Council elections and by-elections held in Hertfordshire.

The last County Council election took place on the 2nd May 2013.  Please follow the link on the left to find out more.

Local district and borough elections were held on 22nd May 2014.