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Your County Councillors

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Following the County Council elections on 2nd May 2013, as of 7th May 2013, the composition of the Council is as follows:

  • Conservative: 46
  • Liberal Democrats: 16
  • Labour: 15

Find out who is your local councillor or MP.

There are seventy-seven county councillors, who are elected every four years. They come from all walks of life. They do not get a salary for being a councillor but they do get an allowance and expenses to cover their costs.

They each represent a different area of Hertfordshire and it is their job to represent the interests of local residents. Council meetings are open to the public and all the reports they discuss are sent to the local media and can be seen on our website or in main libraries.

We have a Cabinet which deals with policy directions and budgets and all the councillors meet for full council meetings. There are also scrutiny committees who scrutinise decisions of cabinet, review services and make sure everything is being done properly.

Representing your interests

County councillors spend a lot of time meeting residents, talking to people and corresponding with them. Many hold regular 'surgeries' where residents can meet them to raise concerns or ask for help with local issues.

If you want to find out which county councillor represents you and your area or make contact with a councillor please click on the link called Who is my county councillor or MP.

Our councillors are committed to finding out what you think. We run public consultations on our services and policies and talk to a huge range of people by using surveys, citizen's workshops and focus groups