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Working with Communities in Hertfordshire


We know that residents are often best placed to tackle local issues and shape their
communities in a way which is responsive to local priorities and ambitions.

As a result, we are always keen to hear from communities want to get more involved in influencing, shaping, and indeed even running, council services in their area in order to make them more efficient, effective and attuned to local needs.

If you would like to get in touch to discuss how you could work with Hertfordshire
County Council please get in touch with and
someone from the relevant service will get back to you.

Below are a couple of examples of where the county council has worked with
community or not?for?profit groups to provide better outcomes for residents:

Hertfordshire Community Meals

Hertfordshire Community Meals is a perfect example of how community groups or not?for?profit organisations can deliver a first rate and efficient service on behalf of the county council to the residents of Hertfordshire.

Hertfordshire Community Meals (HCM) is a not-for-profit organisation that provides
meals to chronically sick, disabled, elderly and vulnerable adults in Hertfordshire. HCM delivers these tasty and nutritious meals to clients 365 days a year in order to improve wellbeing, reduce social isolation and tackle malnutrition. The meals service includes daily welfare checks on clients, contacting carers on behalf of clients in case of difficulties and involvement with projects delivered jointly with partners (such as Operation Sponge Pudding with Hertfordshire Police in order to improve domestic security arrangements for the elderly and infirm)

The county council has the statutory responsibility for delivering these meals to adults and originally Hertfordshire was served by several different meals on wheels services. Now, HCM provides a more consistent, efficient and cost?effective meals on wheels service across the whole of Hertfordshire.

The not?for?profit nature of HCM allows for the continuous re?investment of funds
into existing and new social initiatives.

Aldenham Country Park

Aldenham Country Park is a prime example of how working with communities, the
county council can shape services or decisions to provide the best outcome for

Due to the significant challenges the council has been facing due to the financial
climate, a decision was taken to effectively shut down Aldenham Country Park which
would save #150,000 a year. However, following this announcement a community
campaign group was formed to save the site.

Although the community group were unable to raise enough money to take over
overall ownership of the park, the county council was able to work with the group to
help inform marketing and lease development with a private sector operator who
took over the site in March 2012 and have kept it open since.