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Hertfordshire's "Tell Us Once" service

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The Hertfordshire Registration Service offers an innovative service called, Tell Us Once. This free service aims to reduce the number of local and central government departments that Hertfordshire residents have to notify when they have had a bereavement.

The service is optional but it will greatly reduce the number of departments you need to notify. During the death registration appointment, the Registrar will enter the information onto Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) system and give you a unique reference number along with contact details for the Department for Work and Pensions. You will then be able to access the Tell Us Once programme from home either by phone or online. Please note that we can only guarantee that this service is available to Hertfordshire residents who register a death at a register office in Hertfordshire as other local authorities may not offer this service.

Tell Us Once can notify the following departments after you have registered a death:

•Adult services
•Attendance Allowance
•Blue Badge parking permit
•Carer's Allowance
•Child Benefit
•Child Tax Credit
•Children's services
•Council housing
•Council tax
•Council Tax Benefit
•Disability Living Allowance
•Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency
•Electoral services
•Employment Support Allowance
•Housing Benefit
•Incapacity Benefit
•Income Support
•Jobseeker's Allowance
•Library services
•Overseas Health Team
•Owe payments to council
•Passport Service
•Tax Help for Older People
•Working Tax Credit

Tell Us Once will pass details to these departments on your behalf; the departments you have chosen to notify will contact you directly if they need any more information to process your notification.

You can also inform local authority departments not included in Tell Us Once by completing a short form which the Registrar will hand to you before you leave the office. This is again, totally voluntary.

When you call the Registration Administration Centre, on 0300 123 4045 to make an appointment to register a death, you will be given information about Tell Us Once and reminded of the information and documents you will need to bring with you.