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Hertfordshire Road Safety Campaigns - IMPACT

Keeping safe on the roads of Hertfordshire
Many road incidents are avoidable and can be life-changing. The impact on family, friends, and you from a road collision can be catastrophic and expensive, emotionally and financially.

Do not take the risk of inflicting pain and distress on yourself, someone you love, or a stranger.

The Hertfordshire Road Safety Partnership aim to inform and keep our roads as safe as possible.

Speak up if you feel unsafe, it might just save a life - which could be yours.

Follow @roadsafetyherts for road safety updates.

Learn 2 Live is a hard hitting road event aimed at young drivers led by the Hertfordshire Road Safety Partnership. The events are held to giveYear 12 students about road safety awareness at auditoriums throughout Hertfordshire. The emergency services, trading standards and a victim and/or a family member of someone who has been involved in a road traffic collisions all speak in turn about their experiences.

Drink Driving
Any amount of alcohol affects your ability to drive. The information below is taken from

Safety - One for the road

visit the Think Drink Driving pages.Hertfordshire Road

Mobile phones
You are four times more likely to crash if you are on the phone while driving, For more information visit the Think Mobile Use pages. Hertfordshire Road Safety - Stop the Texts 

You are twice as likely to die in a crash if you don't wear a seatbelt. For more information visit the Think Seatbelt pages.

A main factor in fatal road accident is speed. Lose control at speed and you have very little time to react. For more information visit the Think Speeding pages. Hertfordshire Road Safety- Speeding

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