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Here are 5 key points for safer driving:

  • Watch your speed – remember streetlights mean 30mph unless otherwise signed
  • Keep your distance – only a fool breaks the 2 second rule
  • Be alert – concentrate and look for hazards and other road users
  • THINK before you act.  Is it safe?  Mirrors – Signal – Manoeuvre
  • Check your vehicle regularly – brakes, tyres, lights, wipers & washers

If you have been offered a driving course by the Police, please select the Driving Offenders Courses page for links to the Speed Awareness Course, the Driver Alertness Course, the Driving 4 Change Course, the National RiDE Course, or the What's Driving Us? Course.

Our Driving advice page includes our Safer Driver Handbook along with tips on saving fuel, mobile phones, tiredness and an extensive section on Minibuses, including Frequently Asked Questions for drivers and operators, as well as the official HCC Minibus Purchase and Operation Manual and Driver's Guide.

The Safety cameras section includes listings of fixed and mobile enforcement cameras throughout Hertfordshire.

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