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Street Cafes

Street Cafes

A licence is required if a café is to cover any part of the highway (e.g. footway and most pedestrianised areas).  If you wish you can contact us to discuss the details before a formal application is made.

In the applicant will need to provide the following:

  • Size of area (m),
  • Number of tables, chairs, umbrellas etc;
  • Details of furniture to be used (i.e. type, colour, material);
  • Proposed days/hours of operation;
  • A plan on which the positions of the proposed structures are marked;

What we will do

The County Council will consult a number of local agencies including the Police, District Council, Fire and Rescue Dept as well as the County Planners if they have been involved in a Town Scheme for the area.

If the licence is granted, it is recommended that the applicant display a copy of it in a prominent position outside the premises in question. The current fee for the application and licence is £342. This is a yearly application.