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Direct payments - Greater flexibility and control

What is a direct payment?

  • it is money provided by Hertfordshire County Council to allow you to arrange and manage your own support. It is not a loan and does not have to be repaid 
  • it allows greater flexibility, choice and control over the support you receive and how you receive it

You can have a direct payment if:

  • following an assessment, you are eligible to receive a personal budget, and want some or all of that money paid to you directly
  • you consent to manage how the money is spent, or know someone who can manage the money on your behalf

If it's not for you

If you feel that a direct payment is not for you, Health and Community Services can use your personal budget to supply and pay for your support services, such as homecare, on your behalf.

Will I have to make a contribution? 

If you are assessed by Health and Community Services as having to pay towards your care, you will need to arrange for your contribution to be paid into your direct payment bank account every four weeks from the date your care starts.

You have the right to change from self-managed to HCS managed at any time.

Find out how direct payments work. 

A direct payment is not:

  • a direct payment is not a benefit and is different from the Department of Work and Pensions 'Direct Payments'
  • it is not a form of income and should not be regarded as such

Independent advice and help
If you are considering arranging your own services, equipment, adaptations to your home or residential care you could use a broker to help you. Brokers provide independent advice and can organise services that suit your needs.

Whether you receive direct payments or not you can choose your own goods and services from our online shops.

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