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WasteAware is a partnership between the 10 District and Borough Councils and the County Council working together to promote waste issues.

NEWSFLASH! Winter opening times now apply at the Household Waste Recycling Centres for further details click here.

Have you seen our new food waste video? Find out how to save your family up to £700 a year by reducing food waste.

Launch of a new WasteAware education pack

Are you a student or do you work at a Hertfordshire school? If so you might be interested in our new waste education pack.

2015 HWRC (tip / dump) Opening Hours

New opening hours ar your HWRCs / Tips / Dumps from January 2015

Van (and trailer) Permit Scheme

From January 2015 a new scheme is in place at the HWRCs (tips, dumps)

Inspiring free waste activities for Herts schools

Take advantage of our free innovative practical sessions led by an experienced teacher

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