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Waste Core Strategy Examination 2011-2012

The council's Waste Core Strategy and Development Management Policies Document (Core Strategy) was subject to a public examination led by Planning Inspector Susan Holland MA DipTP MRTPI DipPollCon.
Current status

The Inspector's report can be viewed using the link.

The report concludes that the document provides an appropriate basis for the planning of the area and is 'sound' subject to a number of modifications recommended by the council.

The due democratic process has been followed:
• Environment, Economy & Community Safety Cabinet Panel 11 September 2012
• Cabinet 24 September 2012
• County Council 5 November 2012

The County Council formally adopted the Waste Core Strategy and Development Management Policies Development Plan Document on 05 November 2012. The adopted strategy can be viewed using the link.

Previous activities

The Inspector's report was originally expected on 30 March 2012 but changes to planning policy at national level gave rise to a need for additional consultation at local level. A period of 4 weeks ending on 11 May was allowed for representors to comment on matters raised in the National Planning Policy Framework. An additional 3 weeks consultation period (until 1 June) was then allowed on the advice of the Inspector and the Planning Inspectorate to allow respondents to comment on the introduction of the Model Policy as required by central government. All additional consultations are now closed.

The Inspector held a pre-hearing meeting at 10.00am on Thursday 29 September 2011 in Committee Room B, County Hall to explain the examination procedure and to discuss the arrangements for the hearings with those planning to attend. Notes of this meeting can be accessed by selecting the link. Copies of the notes of the pre-hearing meeting were then sent to all representors.

The hearings for the Examination took place between Tuesday 15 November 2011 and Friday 25 November 2011 at County Hall. The hearing sessions were structured around the Inspector's List of Main Matters for the Examination. The agendas for each session and details of attendees at the sessions can be accessed by selecting the Hearing Sessions link.

Following the hearings, the council submitted a Schedule of Proposed Changes to the Waste Core Strategy. With the support of the Inspector, the council allowed a six week period for comments to be made in response to their proposed changes. This consultation ran from 19 December 2011 until 30 January 2012. The outcomes from the consultation on the changes were submitted to the Inspector on 1st February.

Prior to the publication of the National Planning Policy Framework, the council was advised by the Planning Inspectorate that there would be a delay in delivery of the Inspector's report.

On publication of the National Planning Policy Framework ('the Framework'). The council was advised by the Inspector to allow a four week consultation period so that representors who wished to make representations on the matters raised in the Framework, as far as they relate to the Hertfordshire Waste Core Strategy and Development Management Policies DPD Examination, could do so. All representors were invited to do so during the period 16 April to 11 May.

The purpose of the Examination was to determine the soundness of the council's Core Strategy. The Examination is a combined process that considers the submitted plan document, the representations made about the Core Strategy during the consultation process in November and December 2010 and the further representations made either in person at the hearings or in written statements.
The Inspector's role was to consider whether the Core Strategy is:

  • legally compliant (i.e. meets the requirements of the Planning Compulsory Purchase Act 2004 and associated regulations) and;
  • satisfies the criteria for soundness (i.e. whether it is justified, effective and consistent with national policy).

Please use the Examination Library List to access reference materials for the Examination.

Select the link entitled Online Consultation to access the council's online consultation portal. This allows you to view individual responses to the pre-submission consultation on the Waste Core Strategy.