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After Allocation Day

Allocations from the first run of Continued Interest are released on 15 May 2014.

If you applied online, have a confirmed email address and have been successful, you will receive an email after 4pm on 15 May with details of your allocation. 

Online applicants can view their allocation, or their position on a continuing interest list, by logging back into their online application.  If you applied on paper, or have not confirmed your email address and have been successful in this run, you will receive an allocation letter, sent by first class post on 15 May with a response form attached.

Only those who are successful in this run of continuing interest will be contacted.

All applicants must respond to their allocations by Friday 23 May 2014.


The following pages contain all the information you need to assist you in making decisions after Under 11s Allocation Day, 16 April 2014. You can access these pages via the links to the left, or below.

What Can You Do Now?  this section includes information on:

Allocation statistics - detailed information on allocations made to Hertfordshire schools

Key dates - a table of the key dates in the Under 11s post allocation process 

Frequently Asked Questions - for the Under 11s post allocation process

Lost Username/Password - information on what to do if you have forgotten your username/password for the online application system