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Ready to Switch?

Are you ready to switch to cheaper energy bills? READY TO SWITCH

Hertfordshire County Council has joined a collective energy switching scheme with other councils from around the country. 

The scheme enables every household in Hertfordshire to join together with two million others from across the country as a single unit to negotiate cheaper energy bills.

There's the potential for each home to save up to £250 a year. 

The scheme works by means of a reverse auction where energy suppliers will be invited to bid the lowest price to supply the energy to all those signed up for the scheme. 

After being informed of this price, residents who registered will then have three weeks to confirm whether they want to go through with the switch or not. There is no obligation to take up the offer to switch. 

As an added bonus, for every Hertfordshire resident who switches energy supplier, Hertfordshire County Council will receive a referral fee. This money will be put towards our annual 'Keep Warm, Stay Well' campaign, which supports vulnerable residents - young and old - who are struggling to keep warm in their homes. 

So there are two great reasons to sign up - you can save yourself money while helping us to look after our most vulnerable residents. 

In the first rounds of switching people have been able to save an average of £140, with some being offered savings of over £300 per year. If you missed out on the first rounds and would like to see what savings you could make, register your interest before February 17th 2014. 

Key dates are:

- End of registration: February 17th, 2014.                      

- Auction date: February 18th, 2014.                     

- Sending email & letter: From February 28th, 2014.

- End of acceptance period: March 31st, 2014.

Click here to go to the Ready to Switch website for more information and to register