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What we do with your Govmetric feedback

It's really important that you find our website useful and easy to use. You can help us to improve our web pages by letting us know what you think.

  • Did you find what you were looking for?
  • Was it easy to find?
  • Was the infomation easy to understand?

By choosing one of the 'smiley faces' on the web page, you can let us know: 

  Good GovMetric Smiley

We're getting it right.

  GovMetric average smiley

We could do better.

  GovMetric bad smiley

We need to improve.

When you rate a web page you can also leave a comment - the more information you give us, the more able we are to improve things.

Some of the changes you've helped us make so far:

  • Improving information on citizenship.
  • Fixing broken links and documents that couldn't be opened quicker.
  • Improved the Highways fault reporting system.
  • Improved links,search results and the A-Z so the pages are easy to find.
  • Making our Contact us information clearer.
  • Giving better guidance about library login details.