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Guidance for Proprietors and operators

Find public weighbridges in Hertfordshire

In order to use a weighbridge for public weighings both the equipment and attendants must be approved.

For the equipment, it must be approved and carry a UK or EC verification mark. This is to ensure that the equipment is suitable for public use as well as being sufficiently accurate.

For the attendant, they must obtain a certificate of competency issued by the Chief Inspector of Weights and Measures to ensure that they know how to operate it correctly.

Note for Proprietors of public weighbridges

It is your responsibility to ensure that your attendants hold a certificate issued by the Chief Inspector.

You must ensure your weighbridge documentation e.g. the tickets, are in a suitable form to allow the attendant to give written statements as required by the above note.

You are also responsible for retaining weighing records for two years and for their production to Inspectors of Weights and Measures.

Failure to do so together with wilful destruction or defacement within that period are offences which can be committed by you.

If you are not sure about any of the matters mentioned in the attached guidance notes please contact Trading Standards, Mundells, Welwyn Garden City, AL7 1FT,
Tel: 01707 292429 to make arrangements for a Trading Standards Officer to give advice.

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