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Supplier Toolkit

Bidding for public sector contracts has traditionally been a rather complicated affair, and in the past many businesses - particularly smaller ones - have not considered supplying the public sector because they felt they hadn?t the knowledge or resources to compete with more experienced firms. In consultation with partners in both the private and public sectors in Hertfordshire we have put together a Supplier Toolkit to help businesses to win opportunities available from the public sector. This toolkit explains:

  • Who in Hertfordshire buys or commissions services and supplies.
  • How we buy goods and services.
  • What criteria are used to select suppliers for shortlist and to award contracts to.
  • Where we advertise contracts and opportunities.
  • Effective methods of introducing your services.
  • How to respond to pre-qualification and tender documents.
  • Where to find further support to write simple effective policies.

The public sector spends a huge amount each year and is always looking for new suppliers. However big or small your business, we hope this toolkit will encourage you to seek out opportunities with us ? and help us make Hertfordshire an even better place to work, live and do business. To download your copy of the toolkit below

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