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Royston Town Council

Contact Mrs Susan Thornton-Bjork, Town Clerk

Town Hall
Melbourn Street

Phone(s): 01763 245484
Fax: 01763 248016

Web pages:

The Mayor of Royston for 2012 / 2013 is Councillor Lindsay Davidson.

Royston Town Council is responsible for public allotments in Royston, May Fayre, Royston Cave, Royston Museum, Leete Charity, Royston-in-Bloom, Town Mator's Community Trust Fund Awards, Halls for hire and War Memorial.

Royston Town Councillors listed by Ward:

Royston Heath

  • Burt, Peter (Conservative Councillor)
  • Davidson, Lindsay (Conservative Councillor - Mayor)
  • Davison, John (Conservative Councillor)
  • Hulstrom, Victoria (Conservative Councillor)
  • Palmer, Graham (Conservative Councillor)

Royston Meridian

  • Grimes, Paul (Conservative Councillor
  • Harrison, Mike (Conservative Councillor)
  • Phillips, Marguerite (Conservative Councillor)
  • Smith, F John (Conservative Councillor)
  • Smith, Robert (Conservative Councillor)

Royston Palace

  • Beaver, Martin (Conservative Councillor
  • Berry, Lynn (Conservative Councillor)
  • Freeman, Elizabeth (Liberal Democrat Councillor)
  • Inwood, Robert (Labour Councillor)
  • Mayne, Philip (Conservative Councillor)


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